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Proud women graduate centre

29 November 2016

The Mary Mazzarello Develop Center graduates twenty four women with Life Skills certificates in November 25, 2016 .

This centre is running by the Salesian Sisters at Henderson.  There were not enough words to explain the joy that these graduands felt when they finally achieved their goal.

The day began with the Eucharist celebration presided by Fr. Dominic Kachira sdb. 

The liturgy was led by the participants under the guidance of Filip and Regina from DBTI School

The theme the participants chose for their graduation was “women who struggle make a difference in what they do.” 

The guest speaker Mrs. Hilda Kii spoke from her heart in congratulating the participants in their special day. 

“You are equipped with the most needed skills for your families and society.  Go out and make a difference and share your gifts and knowledge with other women in our communities.”

Representing the students was Audrey in her speech she thanked the sisters and the staff of MMDC for their support and understanding of their lack of knowledge in Life Skills.

“We came with little or maybe nothing but we are enriched with spiritual strength and skills to help us with our families and communities.

A feasting was shared and entertainment was enjoyed by all.  The people were also given an opportunity to purchase some of the finished products that the participants did during their training.  The first group for 2017 is already filled.

- Sr. Sesilia Sala FMA


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