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GP women policy doc launch

06 December 2016

THE Guadalcanal Provincial Women’s Policy Document will be launched on Wednesday.

Guadalcanal Province Minister for Women, Youth and Sports Patrick Koeolia previously told this paper that the policy document will help enforce and empower women and young girls’ participation in Guadalcanal.

Mr Koeolia said the policy document focused on gender equality and equal participation in development from 2017 to 2021.

He said his government is serious in addressing domestic violence in the province.

Therefore, he said the policy is part of the provincial government’s commitment and seriousness for women in Guadalcanal to establish an open participation role in the Guadalcanal society.

“As part of our government’s commitment, we are supporting our Guadalcanal council of women to formulate this important policy for the benefit not only for women but also for our children, young boys and girls in Guadalcanal as a whole.”

The launching ceremony will be held at the Samsung Café in Honiara at 9am.

Mr Koeolia said the women policy is a pride for Guadalcanal people because it is the first province to come up with this women’s five years policy.

“The provincial government believes that this policy will improve the work of the ministry responsible to address issues of domestic violence and abuse in Guadalcanal Province,” Mr Koeolia said.

“After the launching my ministry will start the work of implementing the policy through organised activities for women and youths.”

The policy is subject to review after every five years.



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