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RDP supports Makira women’s ngali nut project

09 December 2016

Rural Development Project (RDP) has supported Babagiro Womens Group of Makira Ulawa province with equipment worth $1.4million.

These included a bray boat, 25hp Yamaha outboard motor, and a two-tonne pickup truck.

This will help the women in their ngali nut oil extraction project.

The project was funded by RDP through its partnership program with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) and Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination.

Partner to the ngalu nut project are Maraghoto Holdings Ltd (MHL) as a lead partner, Pinihimae & Associates Group (PAG) a Cocoa Exporter, and the Babagiro Womens group.

Speaking in a brief handing over ceremony, advisor to RDP Dr Mark Johnston urged the recipients to utilise the project sustainably.

“Utilise this project to create sustainable income to your communities. Also take care of it.”

Managing Director of Maraghoto Holdings Co, Ltd. Dr Richard Pauku said that they are proud to be the leading partner in the project because its going to benefit womens group in the rural areas.

Meanwhile, projects recipient representative Georgiana Haruara said her group is humbled to receive this million dollar project.

“As womens group, we are humble to be the recipient of this national project. We acknowledge the Solomon Islands Government for recognising rural womens group like ours and helping us with this project.”

She added that they felt that the government’s assistance is actually touching down to the rural areas.

Its understood the partners are benefiting from this million dollar project.

The purpose of the project is to increase income for partners to support their business aspirations and families, empower women in business and leadership, create more job opportunities for families, keen farmers and general public, and to increase production of ngali nut oil and dried kernel products for local consumers and export market.



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