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16 Days of Activism ends with candle lighting night

12 December 2013

THE 16 days activism against all forms of violence against women ended with a candle lighting night at the National Museum, Tuesday.

According to the organisers, the event signifies the protection of girls and women from being abused, as well as in remembrance and recognition of the victims who have long gone due to violence in the home.

Oxfam International organised the candle lighting event.

Its Country Director Katie Greenwood urged men to respect women and treated them equally.  

“Women are just human beings like men and must be respected and treated equally,” she said.

“This is because violence has a great impact on the societies economically, socially, spiritually, and politically”.

Addressing the event, the Lavinia Fineanganofo of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution strongly discouraged all forms of violence against girls and women.

“As a person, women and girls must be respected, for who they are and the role they play in the society and their respective families,” she said.

“They must be freed from all forms of discrimination and violence and be able to receive equal opportunities as men in order to fully participate in all aspect of societal and political development”.

One victims of violence against women, Anne Kiriau, also shared her story.

“Physical pain through violence is something that comes and goes, but psychological hurts last for a life time,” she said.
“I have been there. The challenge is to prevent and cure the hurts,” she said.

One of the young women who put on the theme song for the event, Camilla Growsmith said that the message of her song is that fighting against all forms of violence against women is the responsibility everyone must take on board.

“The issue is everyone’s responsibility. We young women must stand upright with our women to fight against this issue”.

Oxfam’s Ms Greenhood said that the event was a successful one.