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PM: Pageant beacon for women in the region

09 December 2013

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says the Miss South Pacific is a beacon for women in the region in reaching to their peak on the many common issues.

He was the grand guest along with some of the pacific ministers who witnessed the crowning of the 2013 Miss South Pacific on Saturday night in Honiara.

PM Lilo said women issues in the region are very significant especially in the issue of domestic violence.

“We have the highest recorded data in the region on this against sexual partners or extra-marital affairs and others.
“And I am happy to see young but energetic women support to fight this cause,” he said.

“Women played very important role in our societies on these common issues and this regional event is a classic example of a unified fight on this front.”

He said a unified fight on these issues is your call to support and help change this through our respective regional governments to reduce its increasing trend.

“Help solving the issues will be important and commended for as role models by all means to the less fortunate women.

“More importantly to educate them of the many pressing issues needed to be adhered to and addressed holistically.”

Lilo added education likewise is an important tool that women need to acquire.

“Having an educated society of women is vital towards their support for a peace and prosperity in the region.”

On the same front, women are liable to help contribute towards any countries economic prosperity, he said.

“I encourage women in the region to pursue education as an ultimate goal in life as your contribution in the society is greatly needed regional and international.

“It is not that physical beauty but that inner one should be the one discovered towards this driving effort.”

Most of all, be proud of who you are with dignity as ambassadors of your country and the pacific region, said Prime Minister Lilo.

Miss Cooks Teuira Raechel Napa was crowned the 2013 Miss South Pacific on Saturday night.

By Bradford Theonomi