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PGSP supports Choiseul women

19 November 2013

Women in Choiseul province have been seeking funds to build their own resource centre.

But after many years searching for funds they are able to build one thanks to the provincial government strengthening programme (PGSP) which steps in to solve their problem.

The women now have two storey permanent building at Kiruqela.

PGSP is an institutional strengthening programme aiming to develop the capacity of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) and the nine provincial governments to fulfil their mandates in either delivering, or coordinating with line departments for the effective delivery of services.

The programme is financed by the Australian Government through RAMSI, the European Union (EU), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with a counterpart fund from the Solomon Island Government (SIG).

MPGIS is executing the programme with UNDP as the administrative agent.

One of the beneficiaries of the women’s centre, Helen Zazu Nowak said the women of Choiseul province appreciated the help from PGSP.

“The women have struggled for so long to secure funding to build the women’s centre.
“All our proposals for the project that were made to other donors were not accepted.

She said the women never got a chance for a project until PGSP stepped in and solved their problem.
She said the project was already completed but is yet to be handed over the women.

“The building is quiet expensive and costs about $400,000.

She said with centre will benefit a lot of women since the population of women within that areas is between 600 and 800.

“This centre will not only benefit the women but the youths and children as well.
“Women can do their crafts and would also have links with other women centres in Choiseul and together can make connection abroad,” Nowak said.

“The centre is quiet complete but the only problem is water and furniture. We need improvements in the future.”

She also added that there is also a need for women’s centres to be built in other areas in the province.

Nowak’s only wish is for the PGSP funding to recognise them in the future.

Also funded by the PGSP are the furnitures inside of the new building of the Choiseul provincial chamber.

A visit inside the chambers showed tables, chairs, speakers and public address (PA) system inside of the building.

Meanwhile speaking to the media team, provincial advisor for Choiseul province Korolyn Zutu said the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) has assisted the Choiseul government and is a boost for the province.

She said the capacity building programme has gone down to the rural people with the service development which is a big help.
She explained that all the projects are million dollar projects.

“The province is trying to spread out the funding equally to every sector to the women, youth, and children as it prioritise everyone.
However she added that transportation is a big problem they are facing as well as technical people and engineers to build the projects. But she said that is not a big challenge.

“The PCDF helped trained staff and Members of Provincial Assembly (MPA) and then will be going down to the rural areas.

She said people in rural areas are engaged in agricultural and fisheries and therefore the capacity training will train them in the specific sector and also economically helped them.

Ms Zutu said the service delivery down to where it targets the people and if they are doing well will be getting more funds but that entirely depends on the MPAs.

“They have annual plans so they know the needs of the people.”