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Young Pacific women cry out against violence

24 October 2013

YOUNG women leaders in the Pacific have banded together and called for efforts to be speeded up to combat physical and sexual violence against women.

 A newly formed alliance representing the region’s 15 to 24 year olds say such violence is one of the biggest issues facing the region’s one million young women.
The Pacific Young Women’s Alliance highlights up to eighty percent of women in some Pacific countries have experienced such abuse, affecting their health and their lives in general.
They say this violence is perpetuated by some harmful traditional Pacific practices such as bride price and early and forced marriage.
They’ve called for governments to promote gender sensitisation training for those on the front line helping victims, as well as law reform and more resources.
Among the group’s other priorities presented to this week’s 12th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women in the Cook Islands were urgent action on sexual and reproductive health, full and decent employment and inclusion in decision-making.

Source: Radio NZ