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SINCW congratulates Tozaka on election win

04 October 2013

THE Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) yesterday congratulated Jane Tozaka, who is the newly elected Provincial Assembly member for Irigila, ward 10, in Velala vela.

General Secretary of SINCW Lorio Sisiolo said SINCW was delighted with the victory.

“A saying goes “behind a successful woman, there is always a man” and as such SINCW is delighted about your winning.

“SINCW note that you have successfully made it as a result of having supportive men behind you.

“Hence working in partnership with men is what the women need.

“Issues of any province cannot be address or dealt with in isolation but can only be achieved when woman and men work together in partnership,” Mrs Sisiolo said.

She said SINCW have the trust that the leadership qualities of the newly elected female will enable others in the provinces or country to see the importance of having women and men together in any decision making body to equally address issues of concern to the societies.

“Therefore, congratulations and all the best and much of God’s Blessings as you take up your new role at the Provincial Assembly as a women member at the provincial level.

“SINCW would like to salute you for your winning despite any challenges which might be ahead of you, but we believe that you will always overcome them as you sail through the rough seas ahead by standing tall through it.”

Mrs Sisiolo added that SINCW also acknowledge and thank those aspiring women candidates who have contested in both Western and Choiseul Provinces but were unable to win a seat this round.

“SINCW wish to thank you and your supporters for accomplishing your aspirations till you reached the shoreline, in solidarity you can all make it one day.”