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Pacific journalists highlight issues women face

13 May 2014

A group of Pacific journalists are in Australia meeting Australian politicians and business leaders as part of their development program on news media and the role of women in the economy.

The five-week program is ran by the Melbourne-based Asia Pacific Journalism Centre under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Awards scheme.

Three of the journalists spoke with ABC’s Beverly O’Connor about the issues that woman in the Pacific face.

Serafina Silaitoga from Fiji spoke of how media reporting on women’s issues can effect change and mobilise community support. In the next 10 years, she hopes to see women in Fiji believing in themselves to do better, and with determination go after what they want.

Grace Maina from Papua New Guinea says people in PNG are deeply rooted in their culture and people tend to take things into their own hands when a woman is accused of sorcery.  She hopes that in 10 years time, there will be equal participation, less domestic violence and women have more access to basic services.

Assumpta Buchanan from Solomon Islands says women in the Solomon Islands are getting educated and holding higher positions.  In 10 years time, she would like to see for the Solomon Islands, women getting into business and finding opportunities in international markets.