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Ella Simata to Japan

12 August 2017
Ella Simata encourages more women to apply and study abroad.

I promised to come back after completing my two years of study in Japan to help my beloved country Solomon Islands especially in the field of Tourism.

That was according to the 31 years old Ella Lynthia Simata this week.

Ms Simata was of the three who were awarded with scholarships from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) this week to do her study in Japan.

Her other colleagues are, Paul Sukulu and Tieba Mamu.

Ms Simata was working for the ministry of culture and Tourism and will be doing Master’s Degree program in Tourism and Hospitality.

“To me this scholarship is a gift,” Ms Simata said.

I am longing to study in Japan for some years and now my dream has come true.

She said currently the Ministry found out that there’s a big need to improve the standard of rooms to meet the world market in order for Solomon Islands to sell its rooms.

Ms Simata said that big percentage of the rooms here never meet the standard and that’s my aim after I complete my study I will come and do more to improve the standards to meet the market.

“I have seen this and therefore after completing my study, I will come back improve those areas within the ministry.”

This is my first time to go study in the Asia countries, however as I have mentioned already it’s like dream come true for me.

My very challenge now is that I am going to miss my family, especially my small child who is a two years old kid.

The first time I received call from JICA office here in Honiara that I am accepted, I was happy but later on I started to realize that I will miss my small kid, Ms Simata said.

However seeing that this scholarship is a gift I accepted that challenge and decided to go on study.

She said that I know it will be challenging for me but in order to make good living for my kid, I have to sacrifice these two years.

Ms Simata added that her course is two years and she will sacrifice her time without her child in Japan.

This is my first time to go out from him but I do hope I will try my very best face that challenge.

Ms Simata was from Isabel.

She started her primary Education in Florence Young Christian School in Honiara.

After that, she went back to do her secondary education at Kamaosi which is now Sir Duddley Tuti College (SDTC).

After that she came to KGVI and went on further studies that University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji.

She completed her studies there came back and work in the country.

Lately she worked with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and now she will go to further studies in Japan.

“It is like a dream come true,” she said.

I would like to thank the JICA for offering me this opportunity to further my studies.

“This is blessing to me and I will do my best to complete the study successfully.”

Ms Simata said that she wants to encourage more women and girls of this country to apply and do study abroad.

We have less women participating at those high offices therefore the only way forward is to do further studies to get good qualifications to get up there.

The Pacific Leaders’ Education Assistance for Development of State (pacific LEADS) started in May 2015. The Japanese government hosted the 7th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM7) where the leaders of Japan and Pacific island countries agreed to enhance the cooperation.

With regard to sustainable development, Japan Prime Minister Abe announced the launch of this program in recognition of the importance of fostering upcoming generations who will play a key role in creating the future of Pacific countries.

JICA has opened this new program of higher education for future leaders for the pacific region, name Pacific LEADs. This program offers opportunities for young government officials to do study at Master’s courses in Japanese Universities.

The pacific leads aims to foster young leaders who will play a vital role towards the resolution of development challenges in the Pacific Islands countries, as well as to further strengthen the relationships between their countries and Japan.

The participants will study in Japan for the maximum period of two and half years.

The program is targeted for 14 Pacific Island countries.

Main targeted participants are government officials/civil servants of the target countries. In some cases, persons from the private sectors and educators are also considered.

In the program, participants will be accepted in any of the Master’s courses at Japanese Universities for the programs in disaster risk reduction, climate change, the environment, sustainable development, oceans, maritime issues and fisheries, trade, investment and tourism and economic policy.

The application for the 3rd batch will be opened later this month and JICA is encouraging all Solomon Islands Government Officials who are eligible for and interested in the Pacific-LEADS 3rd batch to be prepared for the formal announcement of it later this month.





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