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Noro Safe House for victims of violence

17 May 2014

A SAFE House has been established at Noro, Western Province, to look after women victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Noro Safe House is an initiative by Sergeant Elizabeth Takeiango from Noro Police and another female Sergeant from the Gizo Police office to provide shelter and care for the women and children victims of Western Province.

Ms Takeiango said Noro Safe House was registered in May 2012.

Although it is relatively new, it has assisted a lot of women in Noro and surrounding areas.

 “Most women wanted to stay away because they don’t want violence. We want to be in a quiet place and don’t want to report cases because we feel sorry for our husbands but if we are alone in a quiet place then I think we’ll have strong thoughts and prepare to confront our husbands in a better way,” Ms Takeiango said.

She said the initiative will be taken up with the Ministry of Women to ensure proper infrastructure are set up for mothers and children who suffer domestic violence.