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NWMC conference successfully ends

12 September 2017

NATIONAL Women Ministry of Christ (NWMC) of the Assembly of God (AOG) church successfully ended its four-day conference on Monday in Honiara.

The Secretary of NWMC Rebecca Gilbert she said more than 300 women from local churches in Honiara and the provinces participated in this ‘very important event.’

 She said the conference was hosted every two years under different themes and this year’s theme was ‘Lead Skilfully with Integrity.’

“Throughout the conference, all our discussions mainly focused on issues affecting lives of women in their homes, societies and their churches,” Mrs Gilbert added.

 The mission statement for NWMC conference is ‘Providing the Right Atmosphere’ so that women can be able to develop their abilities to lead their families, societies and churches.

Mrs Gilbert said they were honoured to have a guest speaker from United States Diane Laws who spoke on Godly principles of being a responsible wife and mother.

“Apart from the devotions and discussions sessions that we participated in, we also learned other beneficial skills like fabric art, table settings, floral arrangement and health talks on issues affecting women especially cervical and breast cancer,” she said.

“The different sessions we had really guided us physically, mentally and spiritually in our role as women for Christ.”



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