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More women receive funds from ICCTSI

09 February 2018
Two women from Kakara received their cash from ICCTSI to continue with their small business in the village.

More women have received funds from a loan scheme introduced by the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce & Trade Solomon Islands (ICCTSI).

This was witnessed by the Solomon Star over the weekend in Auki as women groups queued up at office of ICCTSI, to receive funds intended to support their small business activities.

A group of women who received their funds was from Kakara, in West Kwara’ae constituency.

Some revealed to this paper that they received $4,000 while others received $5,000.

They said the funds received were to start off with their small business activities, like operating canteen in their communities, selling cooked food at the market or doing other income generating activities.

One of the young ladies said, she was pleased to be part of the loan scheme, since she was able to support her children.

She said since the introduction of the scheme in Auki, mothers were able to engage in generating cash from their small markets and canteens.

Adding, they were able to feed their families from the profit they get from their business.

But she warned that women must be trained to have the basic skill in managing cash at hand, when involving in loan scheme such as the one offered by ICCTSI.

Cautioning that managing cash is important and husbands must be supportive towards their spouses, in order to become successful in their small business activities.

She also thanked ICCTSI for bringing in their loan scheme to Malaita Province, which has help a lot of women to create employment for themselves to support their children in schools.

Women in Honiara have also benefited from the scheme.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ICCTSI Charles Dausabea said they will continue committed to dished out cash to women and encourage more mothers to join the scheme.



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