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Guadalcanal women want recognition in decision making

14 March 2018

WOMEN from Northwest Guadalcanal have lashed out about how men from Guadalcanal province left them out in participating in important decision making.

This was relayed to the paper by our Northwest Guadalcanal stringer John Toki.

“Women from Northwest Guadalcanal have expressed their disagreement over the way our men handled important matters such as signing agreements with loggers to extract logs in our land,” John Toki reported.

He said in Guadalcanal women have more power than men, however that structure is now slowly fading away as was claimed by the group of women he was having an interview with.

“Today our women were felt abandon because of the decision our male leaders have taken.’

“They said chiefs from Guadalcanal in most instant treated them unfairly and seems to enjoy the power which women should have the upper hand on it,” he said.

The women called on the chiefs from Guadalcanal to respect them and give them what they deserve to benefit from especially in decision making, Mr Toki added.



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