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New rep for Malaita rural women’s group

17 June 2014

VERONICA Mamau has been appointed as the new representative for the Malaita rural women’s association (MRWA).

The MRWA works closely with the Malaita provincial government’s women’s division in designing and caring out programs which encouraged women empowerment throughout the entire province.

Ms Mamau’s appointment came shortly after the recently held basic cooking and management training for rural women held in Auki last week.

Speaking of her appointment, Ms Mamau said that she was indeed proud to have been appointed to represent all rural women in the province, stressing that she will do her best to carry out her role as the mediator between them and the Malaita provincial government’s women’s division.

“I am indeed honored to have been appointed as the new representative of the rural women throughout the province.

“I hope to do my best in promoting women empowerment through programs which will be conducted in liaison with the provincial government.

“I do believe that more of such programs will indeed empower women to be major contributors of development not only at the rural but the provincial and national level as well,” Ms Mamau said.

Ms Mamau also thanked the Malaita provincial women’s officer, Clara Rikimani and other training facilitators for organizing the three day basic cooking and management training.

“We have been better equipped with new and brighter ideas in which we will gladly share with our friends and other women in our communities,” Ms Mamau said.

Meanwhile Ms Rikimani added that the appointment was indeed the right choice, adding that they believe through Ms Mamau, they can carry forward more programs for women throughout all the communities in the province.

“I believe that with Veronica’s help and inputs we can organize more programs for women in the province in the near future,” she said.

By William Ekotani
In Auki