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Women end cooking training

02 July 2014

FOUR women have successfully completed a three-day basic cooking and baking skill training for grassroots and rural women in Auki, yesterday.

This was the second of such training organised by the Malaita Provincial Government’s Women’s Division, which was aimed at empowering women with these skills with the vision to equip them start up their own businesses.

Training organiser Linda Ansa said that out of the 12 that initially started the training, only four graduated with certificates after fulfilling all requirements needed within the three days.

“This training is intended for our grassroots women and is aimed at helping them develop their basic cooking and baking skills so that they can use them to build their own businesses and earn their own income after they graduate,” Ms Ansa said.

“These four who have graduated have successfully completed all the requirements that had been asked of them.

“They have indeed shown the potential of being successful business women when they graduate.

“Therefore I would like to congratulate them and also the others who have participated for showing tremendous interest in this program,” Ms Ansa said when addressing the four at the closing of the three day training.

Meanwhile, she said that more of such trainings will be conducted in the near future.

in Auki