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Women under-go business training

24 July 2014

WOMEN from Tuvaruhu, Titinge, Vura, Voice blo Mere, SWIBA, UN women and all Saints Parish are under-going community based development business training.

The training was facilitated by the ministry of national unity reconciliation peace jointly with International Labour Organisation (ILO) to enhance their skills on business implementation in the societies.

About 50 participants participate in this training.

The ministry’s rep Peter Mae said the training was an open door to empower women and youths in the country to escape from conflict.

“It helps them to utilise their skills into planning and managing business.

“To also gain advantage knowledge about forming a business enterprise,” Mr Mae said.

He said women have stronger role in the communities in terms of many aspect of living.

Roy Fugui acting coordinator of the program added that after this training women will be used to advocate business activities in communities.

“They will reach out to unemployed young people to help develop their business skills so that they can do things to at least earn an income.”

Mr Fugui said after this training all the women should be able to understand business development module.