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South Choiseul women undertake skills training

18 August 2014

MORE than 400 women from South Choiseul have undergone two weeks of skills training on cloth dyeing and design and floral art.

The skills training workshops, which were held at Papara, Sepa and Sasamunga villages July 28 – August 6, culminated from a partnership between the South Choiseul Constituency and the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration.

Chief Industrial Officer of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, Jacob Gala says the women learnt how to arrange floral in ceremonies and dye and design clothes.

He says Sasamunga sent 200 participants while Sepa 134 and Papara 70, adding women from neighboring communities also took part.

Mr Gala says it was the first the women of South Choiseul ever took part in such skills training in their own villages.

He says it was obvious the women had learnt new skills and would surpass them to other women of the South Choiseul Constituency.

Meanwhile, the wife of the Minister of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, Mrs Muala who was part of the Ministry’s team says she spoke to the participants about women in leadership.

She told the participants that leaders’ wives should help their husbands in carrying out awareness about leadership and governance.

Mrs Muala believes she is the first to be speaking to women about leadership and governance.

She handed over eight sewing machines, eight rolls sewing materials, eight mobile phones, and one fiberglass canoe and a 15 hose-power engine to the participants.

In addition, Mrs Muala also handed over four-80watts solar and eight-10watts solar.

These were believed to have been purchased from the constituency development funds.

She says the Coordinator of the United Church South Choiseul Circuit has been tasked with the responsibility to care for the outboard motor engine and the canoe.

The skills training workshops closed with a custom feast at Sasamunga.