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Ministers’ spouses assists care centre

04 September 2014

THE Church of Melanesia’s Christian Care Centre (CCC) has been boosted with a timely donation of $34,000 cash, thanks to the spouses of the government ministers led by Prime Minister’s wife, Bronwyn Lilo.

The donation was presented to the Care Centre’s coordinator, sister Doreen, at the Prime Minister’s Official residence at Vavaya Ridge.

MrsLilo has set a benchmark by being the PM’s wife to come up with the idea and organise and arrange a series of fundraiser activities to help raise funds for the centre.

In acknowledging Mrs Lilo and the spouses of the government ministers, sister Doreen stated that a simple gesture of saying thank you is not enough to express how grateful the centre is, for the donation.

Sister Doreen said the money will be expended on completing a kitchen house that will be used as a life skill training building for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

“All of you are mothers yourselves and you would understand the plights of the victims, and the donation you have given is a testament of that,” sister Doreen added.

The Care Centre’s coordinated also highlighted that victims at the centre are increasing for the past three months.

“I don’t know why but so far more than 60 women and children are at the centre and that is a cause of concern as we are yet to end the year,” sister Doreen pointed out.

“Important of all, someone has to stand for the victims- I will continue to speak out for them,” sister Doreen further reiterated.

“Your assistance only motivates me and my colleagues to continue to care and protect the victims,” she added.

Sister Doreen also took the opportunity to acknowledge the passing of the Family Protection Bill by the parliament.

She acknowledged the prayers of everyone that made it possible for parliamentarians to pass the bill, which becomes an act of parliament now.

Meanwhile, representing the spouses of the ministers’, Rose Tora said the success of the centre requires everyone’s help.

“With one heart and one mind let’s improve the Centre,” Mrs Tora stated.

Meanwhile, Mrs Lilo said the assistances toward the centre culminated from a brief visit by the spouses of the ministers in 2012.

“After witnessing firsthand the sufferings of the victims of domestic violence, I proposed that we fundraise to raise funds to help the victims in one way or another,” she added.

“The fundraiser activities that we have engaged in including donations and cooking food during cabinet, caucus and parliamentary meetings,” she said.

Mrs Lilo stated that they will continue to help the centre through prayers so that there will come a time when women and children will no longer subjected to abuses of any forms.