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Gender based violence workshop starts

23 September 2014

A THREE days workshop on gender based violence (GBV) for nurses, Church women’s group leaders and chiefs from communities around Auki kicks off yesterday.

The workshop is being facilitated by gender based violence (GBV) coordinator, Auki reproductive health coordinator and Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) men as partners.

This program was the first of its kind to be conducted in provinces which was attended by 25 participants.

GBV coordinator Nashley Vozoto said the aim of this program is to enhance nurses to gain better understanding of roles and responsibilities to treat victims of violence.

“It is important for nurses to know what treatment should be given to victims,” Mr Vozoto said.

He said during workshop participants were also briefed on the concept of sex and GBV responsibilities.

“Basically we look at gender related to culture and sectors of violence.”

Mr Vozoto said after this workshop participants should be able to help victims affected by violence during crisis.

He encouraged participants to play an active role in their communities to stop violence against women and young girls.

Meanwhile Mr Vozoto said similar trainings will also be extended to other provinces later this year.