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Malaita women advised to vote wisely

02 November 2014

WOMEN throughout Malaita Province should vote for candidates who have a heart and vision for change.

That’s according to outspoken Women’s Development Division volunteer, Ruth Mae.

As the nation prepares to go to the polls on November 19, Ms Mae urged Malaitan female voters to look at qualities of intending candidates before casting their votes.

“Our female population has long felt the pain of poor leadership and governance,” she said.

“We came a long way and realise the road we follow has come to a brick wall, where we cannot push and go further.

“Let’s stop, rethink and retrace our road by voting new leaders who can able to set up a new leadership style and earnestly hear the needs of women in the province,” Ms Mae said.

She said it does not matter if a candidate attained educational degrees or masters, rather the way he will serve his constituency and people is the important factor.

in Auki