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Solomon’s fashion week opens

10 November 2014

SOLOMON Fashion week opened on Monday with a showroom of beautiful raiment and jewels, before Lady Grace Kabui unveil the banner of inauguration of Solomon Fashion week 2014.

Proceedings were unveiled at the Art Gallery exhibition room with an impressive selection of designs from members of the Association of Solomon Islands In Creative Fashion, where models will take to the catwalk on Saturday night with the outfits.

The fashion week was organised by the Association of Solomon Islands In Creative Fashion.

“Fashion week occurred to me when I was a chairlady of Mere market last year, after seeing how much talents we have with our women,” said president of ASIICF Justina Radclyffe, noting on the same year she decided to form another association to bring together those who share the same passion and vision as it is the only way to achieve objectives that would benefit all members.

The association have more than 50 members and are designing in different fields.

She added they have not only fashion designers, but also interior designers, hair stylist, makeup artist, beauticians, jewellery and handy-crafts ladies, art in dancing and choreographer, visual artists, florist and tailoring.

“This year has been the busiest year of our lives from the beginning to now, with lots of meeting and training models,” she added.

The association have successfully held two fashion shows this year which was during the Trade Expo in July and the logo launching of ASIICF two months ago.

Mrs Radclyffe said the two previous shows were more like an experiment and a warmup to prepare for this week’s fashion show.

“The goal of this fashion week is for members to not only showcase their designs on the fashion runway, but also using the six days to display, promote and sell their products as well as hands-on talent activities.”

Lady Grace Kabui congratulates the members of the association for the fine effort to organising this week’s fashion show.

“In showcasing the members’ products, we are promoting our very own ‘made products in Solomon islands’.

She challenged the participants to build and succeed in promoting their products during the coming days of the fashion week.

The grand final will be staged this coming Saturday at the Art gallery exhibition room starting at 7pm.