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Volunteer to assist Malaita women

11 February 2015

MALAITA provincial council of women is looking forward to welcoming an oversea volunteer to join them next month.

Malaita PCW president Martha Rurai said, this is a boost for Malaita council of women.

The Australian volunteer will join Malaita council of women in March.

Mrs Rurai said the volunteer has a profession of accounting and will be with MPCW for six months.

“It is important the volunteer will join us to help us in finance saving scheme and business trainings,” she said

She added the women council have no qualified person to do the job so with the news of the volunteer is welcoming for the council.

Malaita council of women have already formalised documents for the Australian volunteer to work with them.

The president also pointed out some of MPCW ongoing programs for 2015 like trainings, workshops, counselling services that Malaita PCW will take forward.

She said one of Malaita council of women key priority this year is to build relationship with stakeholders.

Mrs Rurai said there were events coming up this year and MPCW need to work together with stakeholders to implement programs and activities.