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Temotu women plans for mere market

11 February 2015

TEMOTU provincial council of women is planning to build small houses for mere market for its women this year.

Temotu PCW president, Doreen Salana announced this as it is part of their priority areas for 2015 and to implement them.

She said, 2015 is for TPCW to start all over again and to implement its plans.

“This is because in the last three years we have done nothing because of our women resource centre was occupied by USP,” she said.

The president highlighted some priority areas Temotu council of women hoped to implement and live up to.

“This includes engaging a lawyer to draft their constitution, extension of women resource centre, construction of women’s craft centre, trainings and workshops.”

This year, Temotu council of women will build small houses for mere market for income generating.

Mrs Salana said, this would help the women to sell their crafts, products and showcase their skills.

She said, the centre will also collect fees on that event to sustain activities of Temotu council of women.

The president said, they also have other projects where Temotu provincial government will assist.

Mrs Salana looks forward to implement the key priorities for 2015 to help Temotu women.