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Women clinic yet to start services

13 February 2015

SERVICES at the women clinic inside Honiara City Council dental building has been further delayed this year due to lack of equipment.

The clinic is being established for women to undergo scanning. 

HCC director of nursing Harvest Miabule said, the women clinic will not open until scan machines and dental equipments are ready.

“The Ministry of Health is working on procument and make sure the equipments are ready. We believe this would take about four months to fix everything before the clinic is open,” he added.

He said the clinic is mainly for women to undergo scanning.

“This would help reduce the long queue of women at the National Referral Hospital waiting to be scanned.”

Meanwhile, the clinic will be manned by nurses when it opens later this year.    

The dental clinic is Honiara city first ever dental building that opened last year, and accommodates a police post, women clinic and the dental clinic centre.