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Council of Honiara women meets

13 February 2015

The Honiara Council of Women (HCW) this week meets to map out activity projection for this year 2015.

The executive since its appointment into office in late 2014 are very serious about creating a visible platform for women in the city. One of the task that the team is putting effort on is the finalization of it strategic plan 2015 – 2020.

According to the President Ms Martha Alacky, she stated that there are a lot of things women can offer in shaping and designing the outlook and evolution of the city. She further went on to state that the design of the plan is to give a more practical edge that can be easily translated by women.

This is in light of the huge challenge that the women in the city are encountering in different spheres of life. Sequence of attractive and creative programs and platform are been tabulated for this year under its tentative operational plan.

The stretch of coverage and representativeness of women in the city in the council organization structure is through the clustering of zone homogenous grouping.  HCW is considering a compressive coverage to also cater for young girls, young professional women and women in the top of our career path which include CEO,US, Directors etc.

The president alluded to stating that “women got to use their influential  status” to negotiate a far better future for our young girls to express themselves in a substantive future that is currently at hand.   

Even though there are no funds to operationalize the organization since taking office, the Executive is optimistic to break the vicious cycle of dependency to self-start initiation process.

Already there are organizations that are willing to give in-kind support to kick start the organization activities for this year. They are anticipating having their first public convergence program on the month of March 2015.

HCW is attracting membership from organization and individuals. To do so please call phone 7414559 and 7408835