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SIWIBA’s dream into reality

26 February 2015

SOLOMON Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) was formed to promote and empower women’s participation as business owners in the private sector.

This was SIWIBA’s mission which was established by six inspiring women who recognised the potential of Solomon Islands women’s role in business.

“It was an honour to share with everyone the 10 years journey of SIWIBA from 2004-2014,” SIWIBA coordinator Nina Tuhaika said.

 SIWIBA vision is to inspire women to realise their full potential, importance and status and be increasingly recognised in Solomon Islands societies.

Yesterday, the organisation marked its 10th anniversary at the Art Gallery area.

During the ceremony, Ms Tuhaika highlighted SIWIBA first executive was formed and was put to task immediately to work on the association’s constitution.

“It was quite a challenge and took some time to come up with the first draft of the constitution because we knew what we wanted, but translating our ideas into a legal form is another.

“The board put together the first draft and we went in search of any lawyer who was willing to help us check the legality of the draft constitution.”

She highlighted the association gets an okay and the constitution was registered on the 31st of December 2004 under the charitable Act.

She said, with something to guide the association, they started doing fundraising to assist them in setting up an informal office.

“We did some fundraising and the Westpac bank general manager at that time in 2005 assisted SIWIBA by donating $5,000.”

Ms Tuhaika explained with this amount along with money collected from $30 membership fees and other fundraising, they were able to open two bank accounts.

Next was a post office box, common seal and very basic stationaries for office use.

“The dream then for the savings account has paid off.

“We have been able to build funds for the association and deposited our first ever term deposit last year on this account, and we are hoping to keep building that up for the sustainability of SIWIBA,” she said.

She concluded that the 10th anniversary marks a mission that will continue to inspire, develop and empower Solomon Islands women in business.