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Noni oil supports family

22 April 2015

ART Gallery in Honiara is busy this week with the hosting of the youth market.

A number of youths and people are taking the opportunity to sell and promote their products.

One of the mothers who also took the opportunity to promote her product is Hannah Akquilla, 44 from Kakara village in West Kwarae’e.

At her stall, she promoted coconut oil produced with a mixture of noni.

She claimed this noni oil can also heal some of the non-communicable disease and is good for the health if consumed.

She added, the oil is good for massage.

As a mother, she said, the production of the oil has supported her family for many years to meet their basic needs such as school fee, clothes, health and so forth.

She is married to a man from Rano village in Rendova, Western province and has been producing the noni oil for some years now.

While she was still at Kakara, she used to sell her oil at the Auki market in Malaita.

Recently she moved to Honiara and continues to produce and sell the oil to the public.

Throughout this week she is busy at Art Gallery. Yesterday she already had few customers.

She also shared some of her experience where few people who have medical complications sought her help and they have recovered after drinking the noni oil.

She encouraged the public to seek natural remedy if they have any medical problems.

If you want find more information about the product visit the youth market this week.

She is selling the bottles for $20.00. Her contacts are 7498053 or 8552074.