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Mother with a big heart

20 May 2015

This could be the biggest mothers’ day gift ever for any mother in the country.

Cathy Nori is one of the mothers who celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend.

But what’s more special about her celebration was the gift she got on that day.

It was not just any gift but a ship she and her husband purchased to run as business.

The mother of five children from Isabel Province told the Sunday Star she is grateful her boat happened to arrive from overseas on the Mother’s Day week.

 “It’s been a long-time dream for me and my husband to get a landing craft to help out in our business, but seeing that the boat’s arrival coincide with the mother’s day event, my children and their father decided to dedicate it for my mother’s day present,” Nori said.

 “This is really a blessing for me and the business we’re currently running,” she added.

Nori said the struggles she and her husband went through to before they finally purchase the ship have been long and tough.

 “This is truly God’s help for us as we don’t expect things to come in our favour immediately like how this boat was fast to process, in terms of transactions we made offshore and with the banks in Honiara  to get this landing craft sailed over here,” she said.

 “Now our burden of running the business will be shouldered by the arrival of this boat, since costs of transport to move machines around the provinces has been stripping off business to debts,” she said.

“We will able to make profit out of our work since the most expensive costs to our operation is now solved by this mothers’ day gift,” she added.

Nori said that she is more than happy to see her mothers’ day present floating outside the Point Cruz harbour awaiting commissioning from the relevant authorities.

She also said that this boat will also be used for transporting passengers and their belongings, which will be an added advantage to their business activities and the travelling public.

“Our intention to purchase a boat was never planned for the mothers’ day celebration, but seeing that its arrival falls on the mothers’ special day, my family was very happy to celebrate the mothers’ event with the arrival of the boat.”

Before Cathy shares her mothers’ day message with every mother in Solomon Islands she was saddened by the untimely death of her father in-law.

That occurred on the mothers’ day eve, hence she excused the Sunday Star to reserve this story for this weekend, which was supposed to be published last week.

In her mothers’ day greetings and gratitude to all mothers in the country, Nori acknowledged all mothers for their strength and love for being an important member in the family they came from.

She said that her children and husband really cared for her as she did for them as a mother playing a very significant role in the nuclear family.

“Before I share my encouraging thoughts with all mothers, firstly I would like to acknowledge my mum for her care and love for me that made me who I am today.

“Without my mum’s commitment for me as a daughter to her I won’t be able to become a good mother for my five children today.

“Secondly I’m very thankful for my children and husband for their love and care for me as a mother in our family.”

Nori said all mothers deserve respect and pride from their children and the community.

 “Mothers must be positive and be who they are, don’t try to be somebody else because it won’t help you to prosper in the real life.”

Moreover, she said that she has been living a life that depended on God, as the source of strength to keep her going and overcome difficulties encountered in life.

She added that mothers must not give up in life and learn to live a respectful life that deserves honour from the members of the communities they live.

As an extension of her message, she said mothers must learn to love people and be generous at all times.

In that way she said the beauty of their heart will be exposed and bring happiness that the family and the community will forever commend, as a milestone of lasting peace, not only within immediate families but society in general.

Before moving into running her business, Nori was general manager of Isabel Development Company (IDC), one of the most successful shipping companies in the country.