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Councillor Aruhane assists Koa Hill women’s club

27 May 2015

A women’s centre group at Koa Hill in the Vavaya ward has received assistance from their Councillor.

The assistance in the form of cash was delivered to them purposely for their savings club which will support the women in the community.

Councillor for Vavaya ward John Aruhane said, this is part of his plans to support the communities in his ward.

“During my campaign before being elected, I have promised my people that I would assist them to develop and support their livelihood and I’m honoured to fulfil it,” he said.

“It is an ongoing plan and I promise those who have not yet receive such assistance, their turn will come.

“I ask everyone to be patient and corporative to achieve the best outcome of developing our ward,” he said.

Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the Women’s Saving club, Chairman Ruth Musia applauded the Councillor for the assistance.

“This will be the first time for us women to receive such assistance from our leaders and it is very encouraging to see our Councillor giving his support,” she said.

“Over the past years we have been asking for help from our Member of Parliament (MP) and past Councillors but there have not been any positive response.

“I would like to thank our newly elected Councillor for providing the much needed assistance towards our women’s saving club,” she added.

Mrs Musia said, the cash assistance will help the women in their community with their activities and also to help sustain their families.

Sharing the same sentiment a community leader Simon Peter thanked Cr. Aruhane for supporting the women in the Koa hill community.

He said, Aruhane has also given assistance to individuals, youths, churches and other groups within the Vavaya ward.

On the same note he encouraged everyone at Vavaya to be corporative to have a safe and peaceful community.

Kadiba Alu
HCC Media