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Vois blo mere gets fund to fight gender violence

28 May 2015

Local non-government organization, Vois Blo Mere Solomon Islands gets the nod to involve in fight against gender violence in Solomon Islands.

Vois Blo Mere becomes the third organization in the country and the eleventh in the region to get grant from the UN Women in effort to reduce and eradicate all forms of violence against women.

The other two local organizations are the Correctional Services of Solomon Islands and the Family Support Centre.

Executive Director Vois Blo Mere, Josephine Teakeni said, her organization is grateful to have been chosen as a receipt to help out on the fight against gender violence.

She said, the organizations role on this issue is to see into bridging the gap in informing both the victims, perpetrators, advocators and the public.

“Information is powerful and Vois Blo Mere is optimistic in reaching out to inform rightfully on sensitive issues surrounding gender violence.

“This includes training media personnel’s on how best in gathering information to tell on the positive side of women and be cautious of sensitive ones.

“Covering national trainings and gender sensitizing with the media,” said Teakeni.

UN Women Deputy Representative, Officer in Charge, Nicholas Burniat said, gender violence in the pacific is an epidemic.

The approach on ensuring this issue be controlled and be eradicated is a goal for everyone to achieve; UN Women is supporting this cause through its key stakeholders on the ground, he said.

Burniat said the involvement of the Vois Blo Mere is indeed one important focus area and sure be a successful approach.

“You know best what’s on the ground to curb this, make it a new effective and original to your lifestyle setting that suits addressing this issue.

“Cultural sensitivity will be acknowledged a challenge but I am certain there are approaches already in mind to go around, which I do hope Vio Blo Mere will be banking on,” he said.

He added highlighting the role of women in any society and country that their efforts and support to the economy and building up a nation should not be left untold.

“Vois Blo Mere, involving more in the media arena and a receipt to UN Women fight on gender violence, I’m sure will do that to reflect their contribution.

“To ensure that equality on issues and awareness to women related issues be acknowledged for.”