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‘Beauty of Womanhood’

11 June 2015

The Mary Mazzarello Development Center in Henderson had a successful one dayon Human development and heath awareness on Tuesday at Henderson, East of Honiara.

The facilitator was Deacon Dr. James Ereai.  He opened up his session with a spiritual reflection on the beauty of womanhood related to Proverbs 31: 11-31.  It expresses that a beauty of a woman lies beyond what the eye can see.  It really shows when a woman is fully alive spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Dr. James then had the second and third sessions on breast cancer and cervical cancer.  Discussions on each topic were taken up seriously by this group of women as they expressed themselves of the fear they sometimes faced in regarding to these two medical issues.

Dr. James also encouraged this group of women to make a good use of the facilities that is already set up for screening on these diseases.  “It preventable if you come on time to have a test, it is too late if you postpone getting yourself tested.”

He also showed statistics on how these diseases are in the high risk in the lives of women in the country.  He encouraged women on the important of pap smear and the HPV vaccination helped the women to feel good and keep on a healthy living.  Dr. James was very pleased with the women because they asked so many questions regarding issues related to their lives as women.

The sessions have helped the women to feel empower and think seriously in taking care of themselves.  They also expressed that the difficulty in seeking medical help is because of fear and ignorance.

All the women appreciated and valued the information learnt and are determined to share their knowledge with other women in their community and in their own families.

The group thanked Deacon Dr. James Ereai for availing himself and sharing his expertise with them and highlighted the beauty of womanhood.

- Sr. SesiliaSala FMA