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Catholic women ready to mark big church day

09 August 2015

More than 100 women from three parishes and one district of KiraKira, Makira Province, and Marau Parish in South Guadalcanal, arrived in Honiara ahead of the gathering that will take place at Tangarare this week.

The women were accommodated at Holy Cross hall, while some with their relatives before their next voyage to Tangarare tomorrow.

The women will extend their journey and sail on to Tangarare to commemorate the Feast day of the assumption of Mary, which will be celebrated at Saint Joseph the worker Mission, Tangarare. 

The program will begin from 11th to 15th August mainly for women in the Archdiocese of Honiara to come together to commemorate the Feast day, which used to fall every after two years in different parishes.

The theme of the gathering is “JOINING TOGETHER WITH FAITH AND HOPE.”

Coordinator of KiraKira Parish Irene Mekope said:

“We are very happy to be here and we are looking forward to participate in celebrating the Feast day of the assumption of Mary at Tangarare Parish this year.

“Even though we encounter many challenges during our preparation for the event, we managed to overcome and work in hands and fulfil our dreams, which is to participate in the feasting celebration.”

Meanwhile, vice president of Marau Catholic women’s Julian Kulisuia on behalf of her Women’s member also shared her thought on how she feels about such event.

“This is my second time to participate in similar celebration and I’m really glad to see a good number of women participate in the event this year,” Kulisuia said.

“In the previous Feast day celebration that took place in my parish at Marau in 2013 only few were interested and committed in similar occasion but as time change, I’m very excited to see many mothers to emerge from their Communities and participated in preparation of activities for the event.”

She also highlighted the importance of such gathering for them and encouraged mothers who will not join in this coming event to prepare themselves for the next one.”