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Seminar on ending violence against women

22 August 2015

A FIVE days seminar that attempts to end violence against women before it happens has ended last Thursday on a high note.

It was held at the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) centre in Honiara and was attended by more than 500 participants.

Participants ranged from the grassroots level, non-government organizations (NGO), and officers from various ministries of the government.

Participants from Vanuatu and Gizo were also part of those that came for the training.

Facilitator Dominique Maidment in an interview explained, that what they are trying to stop violence against women before it happens.

“This workshop is about ending violence against women. We wanted to stop violence before it happens.

“We have looked at how to build a happy family, parents sharing roles and responsibilities at home and communities,” she said.

She added that it was great working with the participants especially in creating network between people from the grassroots level, other stakeholders, and government ministries.

“It is great working with these participants.

“And it is also very good to see people from the grassroots level participating and sharing ideas together with other NGO’s and government ministries.

“There were a lot of ideas and energy shared and it is good to have different range of people attending this seminar,” the facilitator said.

The organizers wishes to thank the donors, DFAT of Australia together with the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women, under its 3 years project starting from January this year until December 2017.

Meanwhile, she added she hopes to see the participants used what they have learnt to send the right and positive messages across to their communities.