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Creativity showcased at expo

25 August 2015

THE first day of the Women’s Innovation Expo on Tuesday has seen quiet a large number of talented local women showcasing their products.

One of which is the, Arial Seeds with their modified flip-flops with beads braced onto its belts.   

Speaking to this paper yesterday, a member of the skilful and creative women’s group decided to share their story.

“We are a group of women and girls who wished to participate in this event.

“In our stall, we have displayed flip-flops or slippers where from our creativity we have created something different.

“It was just an ordinary foot ware bought from the shops in Honiara but we did a re-modification to attract our customers,” Joy Kelly said.

She told this paper that it was their first time ever to come out in the public to display the product and they have in stock various sizes.

“We have sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 and our main target is women and girls.

“We have been selling these slippers for some time now upon orders only but this time we have decided to have it displayed in this expo.

“It’s all about innovation, that’s why we came here,” she added.

The group said that they are looking forward to have more customers visiting their stall for the product in the coming days, during the duration of the week-long event.