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Giant African snails destroying food gardens at Numbu

24 November 2015

Local farmers of Numbu Community in North Guadalcanal are struggling in their fight against the deadly intrusion of the Giant African snail which have created havoc to their livelihoods.

Farmers have said this is a disaster which the community have already felt the negative impacts especially on their food gardens. Women who have used to sell their products at the Honiara Central Market are now affected.

A local farmer from the community Wendy Neleta said, that women are especially affected since they rely on their root crops and vegetables for food consumption and income.

Today they have felt the brunt of the African snails which really affected them and their families.

Farmers added that this is a disaster since the snails eat most of gardens night and day leaving them struggling to meet ends needs and especially school fees for their children.

They have called on responsible authorities to seriously look and ways to urgently control these destructive snails.