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Women thank Chiefs

19 January 2016

WOMEN from the Gilbert Camp community, East Honiara say they are grateful and indebted to the good work by the chiefs in maintaining law and order among their fellow residence and urge them to continue with their good work.

Resident mother, Anna Kwania said the chief’s achievement in maintaining law and order had made a great difference among the community residence in terms of enjoying a peaceful environment relatively free of crime.

Ms Kwania said unlike past years when residence experienced so much disturbances caused by drunkards and illegal drug users, the control mechanism measures introduced by the chiefs to maintain law and order had really helped mothers and children live in a peaceful environment.

“Before we don’t feel safe moving freely among drunkards and illegal drug abusers who often stopped people and demanded money, but today, we can regard that bad habit as something of the past., thanks to the chiefs initiative,” she said.

“This is a breakthrough the criminality barrier which has barricaded the community in danger and fear for many years,”

“The chief’s attainment in restoring peace and normalcy of life from dooms days must be saluted with great dignity,” she said.

She added that state law enforcement authorities such as the police need to appreciate the good work by the community chiefs and assist them in terms of training, advice and logistical support where possible to effectively do a good job in maintaining law and order.

Meanwhile secretary to Gilbert Camp chief’s Association; Frank Robolite’e said that women too are most welcomed to participate with the chiefs to curb crime in their community.

He said since women and children are the most vulnerable group to acts of violence and disturbance by criminal gangs, they too should come forward to assist the chiefs maintain law and order.