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Survey: Women go for local canned tuna

16 February 2016

A small survey carried out by a 24-hour canteen at Gilbert Camp water pump, East Honiara has found that most women of the area always go for Solomon Blue canned (taiyo) product.

The small canteen has done its small survey since last month.

Timson Mae told Solomon Star that most women there go for the Solomon Blue taiyo product.

 “Each day, they will pay up to 10 taiyo cans which is very fast compared to other imported tin products from overseas,” Mr Mae said.

He said when he asked the women during his small survey, they told him that they always go for local product.

“Overseas canned products are alright but we don’t even know how they produce them,” they told Mr Mae.

He said that this quite interesting.

The women told him that they always love to eat Solomon Blue Taiyo, and other products that are produced in the country.