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Bank plans package for older age

Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) says it will design a product that will allow old age people to have the chance to benefit from the services provided by the bank.

Political Holiness

I’ve heard so much about the ‘term dirty politics’ and I was wondering as to whether there is a counter argument against that. Sometimes given that we know it, but unable to counter it with another view or opinion, there is a tendency to remain one sided instead of giving a counter view on the argument.I’m talking about “political holiness” in politics.

Water is life

Dear Editor – Please insert this short note of mine about how the Japanese Government must have felt in relation to the handing over ceremony that occurred on Wednesday the 3rd September 2014.

Ninth parliament

Dear Editor – The 9th parliament naturally died Monday this week and as we prepare to elect the 10th, it is always good to reflect on the 9th parliament so that their strength and weaknesses can be used to decide who to elect this time round.


Dear Editor – Last week, my Fruit Juice blender equipment could not function after only using it once since it was bought in April of this year.

Business Excellence Award 2014

Dear Editor – There was a Business Excellence Awards 2014 Gala Night held at Heritage Park Hotel on Saturday 30th August 2014.

Blame yourself, Maelanga!

Dear Editor – I write in response to the statement made by the deputy prime minister Manasseh Maelanga on the Malaita Province’s second appointed day at Malu’u during which he told Malaitans to blame themselves for the lack of development in the province.

Why do we have to take care of former PMs’ retirement?

A POOR nation that hardly can support its education, health and security needs is throwing away $100,000 annually of its tax payers’ hard-earned money to fund the retirement of each of its former prime ministers and their spouses, thanks to the newly passed Prime Minister (Pension & Benefits) Act 2014.

The Underpass

Dear Editor – It’s good to see the underpass next to the Hyundai Mall now back in operation again, which makes it easy for some of those who are unable to cross the roads to go underground.

Recognition of Gilbertese

Dear Editor – I’m overwhelmed and really want to salute the MP for Gizo/ Kolombangara for such a great call to assist the Gilbertese.