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Rodgers for PM job and the PMO response

ON Monday 15th September 2014, Peter Forau expressed his opinion that Dr Jimmy Rodgers is PM material and that Marovo Constituency should elect Dr Rodgers in the upcoming General Election.

United Party launched in East Are’are

Dear Editor – Great news for all East Are’Are people to experience and witness the launching of political party in their constituency since our country gained independence from Great Britain in 1978.

PMO and Forau

Dear Editor – I read the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) response to a letter written by Peter Forau from Vanuatu.


Dear Editor – Please publish my poem.

Explanation please!

Dear Editor – I would like to raise my question to the Electoral Commission’s office on validity of nomination for candidacy, in this coming National Election for clarification.

Maintaining law in Honiara

ARE Honiara City Council law enforcement officers still serving the public interest?

The complaint by Theo (Charles Levo’s Case)

I refer to the above which was a subject of discussion on some earlier issues of your paper.

Forau’s accusation of PM& PMO staff

Dear Editor - In the Solomon Star Issue 5617, the Director General of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), Mr Peter Forau labeled the PM as “failed the country” and “…allowed himself to be misled by stupid citizens with self-serving interests and motives who are working in the PM’s Office.”

Drivers must respect pedestrians

Dear Editor - As a citizen of this country I have been very disappointed on how drivers of vehicles have carelessly  and do think that they own a walk path and do whatever they may wish without think the risk of pedestrian used that walk path every morning and evening.

Dr Rodgers for PM’s job

Dear Editor – I received wonderful news last week that Dr Rodgers, the former Director General for SPC is running in the elections.