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Noodles for locals

13 May 2014

Its one of the noodle products being sold widely in the country for sometimes now and being produced by Indofood of Indonesian.

Named ‘Kokorako Noodle’ in chicken flavour, many people may not be aware of it, but its produced for Solomon Islanders, said Central Development Limited (CDL) managing director Stanley Goh when handing over cartons of these noodles to the national disaster management office (NDMO) over the weekend.

Some 5000 cartons were delivered to NDMO warehouse on Saturday to support the flood victims.

The noodles were supplied by Indofood which is based in Jakarta following a request by Mr Goh.

Mr Goh said incase a lot of people are not aware of this noodle, its made especially for Solomon Islanders and is really good for soup.

“It is soup based which can be used if you are cooking a soup,” he said.

He said Indofood which produces the famous Mi Goreng and Pop Me noodle are the ones that also made ‘Kokorako noodle.’ In Papua New Guinea (PNG) similar noodle is called ‘Kakaruk noodle.

However, Mi Goreng and Pop Me noodle are dry based meaning they can be boiled with the water being poured before you can eat it.

“With Kokorako noodle, you can put into soup,” he said.

He said the product is made for Solomon Islanders and its being sold at a reasonable price.

CDL is the exclusive distributor for Indofood products in the country. It is located next to Quan Chee, opposite Honiara Hotel in Chinatown.



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