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Candidate claims election threats

12 January 2015

VOTERS at Nevenema ward in Temotu voted under threat and duress during the recent provincial elections, a losing candidate claims.

Ruddy Oti made the claim in an interview with the Solomon Star.

He says there were illegal moves engineered by certain individuals to scare and threatened voters.

“Such actions tampered with the process of election which consequently leads to unfair election results,” he said.

Mr Oti said in the Nevenema ward certain individuals went round the villages threatening voters to vote for candidate of the group’s choice, warning of dire consequences if they failed to do so.

“The group stationed themselves within 20 meteres on an access road to the polling station and directing and threatening people who went passed to cast their votes.

“A number of voters confirmed they changed their votes following receiving threatening words from the individuals.

“As a result of these activities village elders have raised serious concern about this issue and called on responsible authorities to deal with the individuals so that this issue is not repeated in the future.

“Accordingly a group has been tasked to compile a report on this incident so that charges can be laid against these individuals,” Mr Oti said.

He pointed out some of the breaches, which attracted penalties under National Parliament Electoral Act 1996 are S72, S73, S79 and S374 of the penal code.



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