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Telekom carol judges accused of ‘biasness’

JUDGES of the Our Telekom carol competition in Auki, Malaita, have been accused of biasness.

Julian gives a shout out to Honiara fans

With less than four weeks to go before the inauguration of the “Iumi Wan Festival” organized by Rebelle Inc, Julian Marley, son of Bob Marley has sent in a video of his excitement and a shout out to citizens of Solomon Islands.

Honiara ready to welcome Marley

Honiara residents will conclude the festive season and welcome the 2014 with Jamaican reggae star Julian Ricardo Marley A.K.A “Juju”,  one of reggae legendary Bob Marley’s sons, on 8 January 2014.

Musicians call for re-structuring of SIMF

MUSICIANS in the country are calling for a total re-structuring of the Solomon Islands Music Federation (SIMF) this year 2014.

Cowboys Grill disappoints musical bands

LOCAL Bands and musical artists that performed at the Cowboys Grill on New Year’s night party have expressed disappointment over the organizers ‘failure’ to pay them.

Julian Marley rocks Honiara

REGGAE sensation Julian Marley rocked Honiara in a stunning two-hour show at Panatina yesterday.

Julian Marley leaves after concert

JULIAN Ricardo Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, left yesterday for his last show in Brisbane after performing in Honiara.

Shaggy heading here

International artist SHAGGY is heading here next month, much to the excitement of his local fans.

Tickets for Shaggy available

TICKETS for Shaggy’s concert next month is now available at Heritage Park Hotel as of yesterday.

Dance to the ‘sisi’ rhythm

Whenever you drive past Lungga during weekends you would probably heard people talking about sisi dance.