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Vanessa launches new music album

‘True Harmony’ message encircles the globe from Heysham (with no socks).

Shaggy tickets selling fast

ABOUT 250 tickets for Shaggy concert next weekend have already been sold out this week.

Shaggy rocks Honiara

HERITAGE Park Hotel car park turned into a dance floor on Sunday night during the one night show by Jamaican musical star – Shaggy.

Musicians rock Ngella community

Three local talented musicians performed for two nights at Voloa village, Ngella Central islands province last weekend.


Honiara have welcome and celebrated this new year by witnessing mega performances from duo international artists put on by reggae legend son ‘Julian Marley’ and bombastic man himself ‘Shaggy’.

J.Boog sets to rock stage next month

SET to be hitting our shores again is another international music icon J.Boog.

Musical stars arriving tomorrow

PACIFIC music sensations George Fiji Veikoso and Spawnbreezie will land on our shores tomorrow, ready to rock Honiara with two shows this weekend at the Cowboys Grill Night Club.

All set for Veikoso

SO far things are going according to schedule for Fiji Veikoso and Spawnbreezies big show Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Veikoso and Spawn Breezie rock Honiara

The two visiting renowned musical artists, George Fiji Veikoso and SpawnBreezie made an outstanding performance on Saturday night at the Cowboys Grill Bar.

Tickets for JBoog concert set

TICKETS for JBoog one-night show in Honiara is now available as of today at Heritage Park Hotel reception.