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Big Mountain’s car park show a flare

THE sounds and style of music played by the famous reggae band, Big Mountain has taken party goers by storm, when they performed at the Heritage Hotel’s car park on Saturday night.

Work on cable’s landing sites set to start

WORK on the construction for the new landing stations for the undersea cable that wil run from Sydney Australia to Solomon Islands will commence as of next month.


Intending candidates warned of changes to electoral law

MPs on Election Bill 2018 Clause 67

Most of the Members of Parliament (MPs) want Clause 67 in the Electoral Bill 2018 to be amended considering the cultural sensitivity of this particular clause.

Judgement on double murder next

The fate of the two men accused of the murder of the Chinese business couple at their shop at Town Ground, west Honiara in April last year, will be known next in the High Court.


NTF wants $112 million in Supplementary


PAC: OPMC must resolve RIPEL issue

Double murder trial


Villagers retaliate against Asian logger

DISGRUNTLED landowners on Santa Cruz, Temotu Province, on Wednesday faced up to an Asian logger, destroying a temporary bridge the logger built some six kilometres into the forest.

Four people die in sea tragedy in Central Province

Four people are confirmed dead at sea while travelling from Toa to Burungia Village in the Central Province yesterday (15 August 2018) in a motorised boat.  

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