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Gospel monument erected

A MONUMENT to mark the arrival of gospel by Catholic missionaries in Langalanga lagoon of Malaita some 100 years ago was erected on Foudoru.

Peace training ends on Mala

A THREE-DAY peace building and trauma healing workshop, hosted by the Anglican Church in Auki Keava region, ended successfully yesterday.

Beibangara church officially dedicated

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) members in Beibangara and Beiporo, East Vella La Vella, Western province can now worship God each Sabbath on Saturday in a new church building.

Benefits of relying on the Bible

Last week, we looked at some portions from Psalm 119. In bringing to a close our discussion on the topic ‘The Bible our final Authority,’ I want to take us back to the same Psalm. Interwoven through this magnificent psalm is one theme, “I rely on your word, O God.”

Bible College to start in Kwaibala

THE National Bible College at Kwaibala near Auki in Malaita province will begin its academic year on 27th January.

Adventists prepare for Religious Liberty Day

The worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church will place special emphasis on religious freedom at church services on Sabbath, January 25.

Challenges facing our rural church project

Solomon Islands regards itself as a Christian nation.

Retired bishop on corruption

AN Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) would only function if it’s not politicised.

Climate change washing away Pacific villages

Standing on a remote coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean watching children play, it was deeply saddening to realise they will soon have to leave a place that has been home to their people for thousands of years.

Priest maintains innocence

THE Anglican priest who allegedly led a group of landowners to destroy logging machines on Vanikoro Island, Temotu has maintained his innocence.