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BSP asked to install ATMS in Malaita

12 June 2016

BANK South Pacific (BSP) customers in Malaita are calling on the bank to install additional Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) at its Auki branch.

They made the call after realising the long queue of customers that normally lined up to withdraw money from the bank’s only ATM on pay days.

“BSP must understand its client base in Malaita is huge and they need to install additional ATMs to solve this recurring problem on pay days,” one customer told the Solomon Star.

“ATMs are designed to dish out fast cash to customers,” he added.

“But the ATM situation here in Malaita is not doing that, simply because of the big number of customers that line up to withdraw money on pay days.”

Another customer said the situation is not different from pre-ATM days when people would line up in front of bank tellers.

“Most of us here come from rural areas,” she said.

“On our pay days, we travelled here in the hope of withdrawing our salaries and checking our balances as early as possible so that we can go home.

“But as you can see for yourself, the long queue before me here means I won’t be at the ATM until after lunch.

“This is unacceptable,” the female teacher, who comes from the northern region of the province, said.

BSP currently installed only one ATM at its Auki branch, which serves the whole province.

The long queue was seen again on Thursday this week when teachers across the province travelled into Auki to withdraw their salaries.

Comments are being sought from the BSP management.

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