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Tourists fly into Malaita

22 June 2016

SIX overseas tourists landed in a private aircraft at Gwaunaru’u Airport in Malaita last Friday, three weeks after the airfield was reopened.

They spent two nights before flying over to Marau on Guadalcanal.

Richard Misi of RITZ Tourism Logistics, who organised the tour, said the tourists visited to see the kind of life people lived in the villages.

“They visited three locations during their stay in Malaita,” Mr Misi said.

He said places visited are Bio village, Buma village, and Langalanga lagoon.

“At Bio, the tourists visited to see the way of life of villagers there.

“At Buma, they went there specifically to enjoy local entertainment such as panpipe music.

“In the Langalanga lagoon, they visited to see the artificial islands, shell money production, boat building, and the way of life of the people there,” Mr Misi said.

He said the visit of the six tourists – three males and three females – is a good start in the effort to promote Malaita as a tourist destination.

He tourism operators in and around Auki welcomed the visit and were pleased to note foreigners have an interest to visit Malaita.

Mr Misi said the second lot of tourists will arrive next month via the same private aircraft.

“I wish to thank the Gwaunaru’u airport landowners and the government for reopening the airport, without which, this tourist trip would not be possible

He said the second lot of tourists will be arriving next month on board the same private aircraft.

The tourists told the Solomon Star they’re pleased to visit a unique place like Malaita.

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