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Bmobile-Vodafone start their LTE upgrade project

26 July 2016

The Bmobile-Vodafone technical team have started on their LTE upgrades for Honiara.

The project started last week with teams coming in from PNG to support and help implement the project. This project is the companies most ambitious since launching in 2010.

The company is working very hard to meet the global expectations of Vodafone.

The company is very proud that they have data speeds for 3G services in all three provinces over 2.2mpbs. This is enabling their customer base to stream video’s without stopping.

These services are now enabling people to conduct business overseas through video conferencing, giving people video entertainment by enabling Netflix’s and YouTube to be watched for the first time in the Solomons and most importantly helping their customers with e-education.

With the remoteness of the Solomon bmobile-Vodafone are now enabling video learning services.

The company are excited about launching special packages for their customers who are studying on-line courses. This will make these services for this segment affordable.

The companies objectives are simple for the remainder 2016 to continue to upgrade all their current coverage locations and enhance these existing services.

The company is working towards been the premium telecommunication mobile service provider so they can be better not bigger.

These enhanced services will include their LTE upgrade, 3G services for Western province and their entry into the ISP market. All these projects will be completed before November 2016.

The company will also work to improve its customer service so it can match the enhanced services it offers.

With the Vodafone brand comes massive expectation and responsibility to ensure the services match global standards. The company is still on a growth phase and has hired over 15 local new staff members in the past two months.

They will continue to hire so they can improve their customer service and develop their business further for the remainder of 2016.

The company is very proud of the progress it has made in the past twelve months in the Solomons and is confident that with the current upgrade projects underway that the company can continue to improve.

This will ensure that the business continues to grow for the remainder of 2016. The company encourage users to try their network and experience the improvements achieved in the past twelve months and enjoy their 3G services.

 The company strongly adhere to advancing quality not quantity. These speeds are the fastest 3G speeds ever offered in the Solomon islands.

These 3G speeds can now be enjoyed in more locations than ever in Honiara, GPOL, Auki, Noro, Munda and Gizo.