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Tourism and human resource is the strength of Malaita

02 August 2016

Tourism and human resource has been identified as the two greatest assets in Malaita Province.

That was according to the Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramoihia while speaking at the recent Yam and Cultural festivals in Afio, Small Malaita.

Mr. Ramoihia said as the head of the province he has no doubt that two of thegreatest potentials in Malaita is tourism and the human resources.

“As a province I have no doubt that one of our greatest potential is tourism and our greatest asset is our human resources,” he said.

The Malaita premier is confident that with the right support from the national government, the provincial government, leaders and people the multi-million dollar industry can be developed for the benefit of the people and province in the future.

“As a province is it important to establish and promote the kind of tourism we want for our province,” he said.

While tourism industry is a good idea, he warned that the industry also comes with its own negativity where he said only a collective effort from all human resources of Malaita will put the negative aspects of tourism away.